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This page is meant to inform firms offering public safety solutions about the current systems being used by the Dane County Public Safety Communications Department. For additional questions, please visit our contact page.

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When seeking new systems or services, requests are posted on the County's Purchasing website. View current RFPs now!

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We Currently Use:

Solacom Guardian Telephone System - Live October 24, 2017

CentralSquare Technologies Enterprise CAD (version 21.1) (formerly called TriTech InformCAD) - Live April 3, 2013 and includes:

Verint AudioLog Recording System (version 15.2)

U.S. Digital Designs Fire Station Alerting System - Interface with CAD

DaneCom - Live November 9, 2016 and includes:

  • Harris P25 VHF trunked and analog conventional radio system (version SR10A.7) and Symphony consoles
  • Access to City of Madison Motorola P25 800 MHz trunked digital and 800 MHz conventional radio systems wtih MCC7500 consoles
  • Access to State of Wisconsin EF Johnson WISCOM VHF/800 P25 trunked radio system 

We apreciate vendors’ interest in our projects, and welcome anyone to propose solutions!