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We strive to respond to the needs of the public by providing professional, effective, efficient telecommunication response to both citizens and public safety responders. To continue enhancing our services, we invite you to give your feedback here! Compliments, complaints, and informational feedback are all welcome.

Submit Feedback Online

Please fill out our Incident Inquiry Form and provide as much detail as possible. Once we receive your submission, you will be notified by either an email or a phone call. If necessary, we will put your inquiry through a proper investigation and a member of our team will notify you of the conclusions. Results of complaint investigations are then reported to the Public Protection & Judiciary Committee of the Dane County Board. Compliments are of course passed on to those involved!

Submit Feedback Offline

If you would rather submit your feedback in another way, please contact us for a printable Incident Inquiry Form and submit the form via one of the following methods:

U.S. Mail

Dane County Public Safety Communications
ATTN: Incident Inquiry
210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Room 109
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